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70 Years | The Elvstrøm Sails and Hallberg-Rassy story

Creating and producing sails with and for leading OEM’s is an important part of Elvstrøm Sails today. One of the OEM’s we have worked with for decades is Hallberg-Rassy.

In connection with the final trials of the new Hallberg-Rassy flagship, the Hallberg-Rassy 69, we sat down for a chat with CEO Magnus Rassy about the family company in Ellös, Sweden and what the close cooperation with Elvstrøm Sails has meant through more than three decades of Hallberg-Rassy boats.

This is a story in two parts – starting off with the story of Hallberg-Rassy working with Elvstrøm Sails and vice versa. The second part is all about furling.

PART II about furling

XYLO- A new innovation is born

A new innovation is born
We are thrilled to offer you our latest sail innovation, XYLO. Innovation starts with what is close at heart. And powering sailors’ dreams and passion is our heartbeat.

XYLO is developed with performance and endurance sailing in mind. Whether you are into sailing for miles and miles, day or night, weeks after weeks and simply want the newest design and technology, XYLO is your answer.

A greener sail – an EKKO option, eXRP Cruise

eXRP Cruise is a high-end laminate, where the main parts of the material are made from recycled polyester, that is the film, the taffeta, and the polyester fibers. The combination of black polyester fibers and white taffeta makes up for a greyish look. The eXRP cruise comes in 3 qualities where the heaviest is further stabilized with UPE virgin fibers.

Code Permanent Hoist, Codetech X-170

The UV-protected Code Permanent is part of the “Code” family, but especially designed to stay up and ready for use all the time! The sail can be hoisted in the harbor and can then be left up all day long, overnight and even for weeks while on your way. The sail has a high clew for better downwind performance and visibility at sea. The sail is used on an AT cable and the furling system is bottom/up. The bottom/up system means that the sail is furled from the bottom and up and therefore reacts immediately when you pull the furler line. Due to the somewhat stiffer material the sail will stay compact and tight when furled in and not in use!

Cable-free Code Zero

Can be designed as a 65 % and a 75 % code zero. Produced in a code zero laminate with an EPEX luff, that is high density fiber luff.

FatFurl XL – In-mast furling Main

New In-Mast Furling main with maximum headboard for maximum power.

EPEX: Zero Tolerance

Elvstrøm Sails EPEX membrane sails. From design to finished membrane in one process. Zero Tolerance.

EPEX, Club Swan 50, NiRaMo

Elvstrøm Sails powering a brand new Club Swan 50 with a full wardrobe of EPEX sails. Check out how the news sails are being tested on a training in Palma.

Blue Water Runner

BWR (Blue Water Runner) is a symmetric twin furling sail for downwind surfing. A 3-in-1 sail: Twin furling Runner, Ultra-Light Genoa and Reacher.

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