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How to mount your FurlCover, avoiding fluttering

#1 Prepare to hoist #2 Attach the halyard #3 Start zipping above the clew #4 Hoist the cover #5 Close the zip below the clew #6 Tighten the lines #7 Secure the lines #8 Stowe away excess lines

How to reef your furling jib

Avoiding folds and getting the best result.
#1 Bear away, #2 Ease sheet to reduce pressure in the jib, #3 Furl to reef
#4 Trim, #5 Resume sailing

How to install battens, full & short tapered in a racing jib

Tips on handling your full-battened furling main sail

Follow Karl Otto Book from Elvstrøm Sails on his visit to the Distant Shores III, with Sheryl and Paul Shard – when they discuss how to handle the full-battened furling main sail.

How to install vertical full battens for in-mast furling main sail, EMS

Every now and then, a wild project hits the airwaves of the Internet – and this has to be one such project. A turkish yacht owner wanted his X-Yacht X4-9 to stand out from the crowd, and with the help from airbrush artist Evrim Duyar, it certainly does.
The Elvstrøm Sails on the X4-9 have been painted with a special type of paint to make a long-lasting Marvel-themed artwork.

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